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Pure relaxation

We are happy to offer you a variety of massages and well-being treatments in-house. 
These can be booked and enjoyed on site.

What we offer

  • Full/partial massage:

    Full massage (50 mins.) € 65
    Partial massage (25 mins.) € 35

    Massage is a form of therapy that has an effect on tension on the skin and within the muscles. By stretching, pulling and applying pressure, tension is released in specific areas.

  • Reflexology:

    Full massage (50 mins.) € 55
    Partial massage (25 mins.) € 35

    All the body's organs, joints and muscles are 'reflected 'on the feet and can be influenced via a 'reflex zone treatment on the foot'. Since the body is stimulated via targeted technique, hyperfunction or hypofunction of specific organs can be regulated, making this form of therapy very efficient, ensuring an optimum level of relaxation for the mind every time, and invigoration.

  • Breuss back treatment:

    Duration (25 mins.) € 35

    Rudolf Breuss body work is a decidedly pleasing treatment, whereby targeted work is carried out on the vertebral column. Warm St. John's Wort oil nourishes the skin, the vertebral body and relaxes muscle tissue.

  • Sports massage:

    Duration (40 mins.) € 56

    Recommended after sports. Particularly relaxing and easing for the muscles in the back and legs, which means nothing then stands in the way of you enjoying more activities that day.

  • Dr. Vodder lymphatic drainage:

    Duration ( 55 mins.) € 62

    A specially developed treatment which specifically targets the lymph system. It is the task of the lymph system to keep the body's immune system in good shape and dispose of waste products from cell production and division (detoxification). Manual lymph drainage is not just effective for detoxification, it is very much recommended for various symptoms, including stress, sleep disturbance, migraine, follow-up treatment after operations, swelling after injury.

  • Hot and cold stone treatment:

    Duration (50 mins.) € 70

    La Stone therapy is a fascinating mix of massage, energy work and the beneficial effect of warm stones in combination with cooling stones. The entire body is charged with new energy and vitality and the energy field is harmonised and strengthened. The combination of massage with warm and cool stones makes LaStone Therapy a valuable and unique treatment method, where healing can occur on a physical, cognitive and emotional level. The body has to become active to create a balance between the hot and cold stones. This treatment will bring greater harmony and balance to your life.

Well-being treatments

  • Aromatherapy oil salve:

    ( 30 mins.) € 41

    Enjoy this body salve, which has 5 different oils, on the one hand to moisturise the skin and on the other to relax and regenerate during a whole body treatment. You chose the natural aromatherapy oils to suit your respective mood, and the right music and lighting.

  • Crystal salt exfoliation:

    Duration ( 25 mins. ) € 33

    Exfoliation treatment using Himalayan crystal salt blended with olive oil and some lavender oil. Old skin cells are sloughed off and the skin is simultaneously nourished with minerals. Warmed olive oil is used as a carrier oil. Lavender oil supports physical cleaning, but also helps mentally – this essence helps to eliminate endless, blocking 'mind-worms', so you can finally get to sleep.

  • Relax and re-energise during a combined treatment – Crystal salt exfoliation + Aromatherapy oil salve:

    (Duration ca. 50 mins.) € 70


  • Reiki – Energy balance:

    (Duration ca. 50 mins.) € 65

    Traditionally, during Reiki hands are gently placed on specific areas of the body. This promotes holistic balance between body, mind and soul. Reiki imparts a feeling of * inner calm * comfort * harmony and * balance

  • Singing bowl and tuning fork treatment:

    (Duration ca. 50 mins.) € 65


    • A deep sense of relaxation is quickly achieved since sounds appeal to our primal thoughts of trust
    • Problem releasing
    • Tension and blockades are released through deep relaxation
    • Gentle massage and

    All the above-mentioned methods are supporting measures for countless illnesses and help activate the body's powers to heal itself. They are however not a replacement for treatment from your doctor.

    We are happy to advise you. Telephone:  +43 (0) 65653 9866

Still have questions?

We are happy to provide information & to advise you at Reception. Or you can call us - Tel. +43 (0) 6565/39866.


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